Permissible Business Activity

  • To carry on the business of manufacturing white refined sugar based on sugar cane and to do all things incidental or conductive to the attainment or this objective.
  • To buy, sell, grow, plant, cultivate or otherwise acquire Sugar Cane, Sugar - Beets, Fruits, Vegetables and Cereals of any variety or varieties on the Company's own lands or on lands or on lands of others, on such terms and conditions as the company may deem fit from time to time and advance moneys and loans to growers farmers, land - owners and contractors and provide them with seeds manure, machinery and / or other facilities, on such terms and conditions as the Company may deem fit and to consume all or any such grown owned or acquired Sugar-Cane, Sugar-Beet, Fruits Vegetables or Corn, in Company's own undertakings or to dispose of supply, exporter sell all or any, of these commodities to any dealers, distributors, manufacturers, exporters, and others on such terms and conditions as the Company may deem proper.
  • To set up, establish, operate, manage, generate, sell and run Power Generation Plants, from different means and sources and to generate and supply electricity to all concerns, in order to carryout and fulfill the object, the Company shall be authorized:
    • To transact or carry on all kinds of agency, commission and contract business in Pakistan or abroad and in particulars in relation to industrial manufacturing transactions and to act as agents of any person, firm, company, government or local authorities, in connection with the sugar business.
    • To work as technical consultants for the sale, purchase, manufacture, erection, installation and modernization of plants and machinery etc.